Sales Wizard

 Plný úvazek
Unlock New Opportunitie as a Sales Wizard! Are you ready to embark on a journey filled with innovation, collaboration, and the art of dyeing and finishing? Look no further! We're seeking a passionate individual to join our dynamic team and take the world of sales by storm.

Your Quest:
Adventurous Customer Quests: You'll embark on thrilling customer visits, where you'll be the architect of new business opportunities, crafting success stories at every turn.
Project Alchemy: You'll master the art of turning ideas into reality, recording and nurturing sales projects like a true sorcerer – both within our hallowed halls and out in the wild. The
Fellowship of Sales: From the very beginning, you'll join forces with a league of extraordinary sales representatives, forging alliances, and conquering the market together.
Technical Wizardry: In our enchanted technical center, you'll summon your technical prowess to execute and guide magical trials that will leave customers spellbound.
Presentation Enchantment: Your magic wand will conjure compelling presentations and promotion materials that will dazzle and captivate your audience.
Market Oracle: You'll be the seer of the market, channeling valuable feedback to our colleagues in sales and design, ensuring we stay ahead in the game.

Requirements to Join Our Guild:
Alchemy Experience: A history in the mystical world of dyeing and finishing, where you've already woven your expertise.
Project Enchanter: A wizard in the realm of project work, both in the laboratory and with customers, where you've already woven your expertise.
Collaborative Conjurer: An open-minded team player, always ready to ask questions and share your magical insights.
Eager Apprentice: A passion for learning new technologies and systems, always seeking to expand your magical repertoire.
Master of Communication: You're not just a magician in your field but also a gifted communicator in written and spoken English. Knowing other languages is like having a secret spellbook.

  • Meal voucher fully paid by the employer
  • Transport allowance
  • Benefit vouchers for free time activities
  • Holiday 5 weeks
  • Company events
  • Very interesting and varied scope of work
  • Worldwide sales team, all operations members located at Kadaň Czechia
  • Flexible working hours
  • Company cell phone and notebook

If you're ready to take your career to the next level and weave your magic with us, apply today! Join our mystical sales team, where every day is a new enchanting adventure. Disclaimer: No actual magic or wizardry is required for this position, just a strong passion for the job and the skills to match!

Naše inzeráty jsou v některých případech psány v ženském nebo mužském rodě. Tento postup byl zvolen výhradně proto, aby bylo dosaženo co nejvyšší plynulosti textu. V žádném případě se nevyjadřuje genderově podmíněný nebo diskriminační přístup naší společnosti k uchazečům a uchazečkám o volná pracovní místa.

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